We work with responsibility and commitment to Partners and Society. We integrate the company (knowing the company, products, team, norms and rules, mission and values), communication and professional posture, motivation, teamwork, leadership, HR, people management and ethical-professional behaviour.


Be a conscious leader, committed in the provision of services in Human Resources, professional and personal development with strong inclination in Diversity and Social Inclusion.


SBS and SSB aims to be the extension of the Human Resources of the client, offering a personalized and exclusive service in several segments, forming a wide capturing network in search of qualified professionals and always focusing on customer priority, to better meet the demands, with agility and effectiveness, ensuring real-time responses to its customers and committing to goals as well as best results.


  • Excellence in services provided,
  • Responsibility and commitment to Partners and Society.
  • Transparency and Ethics in the actions developed.
  • Focus on the skills and diversities of the professionals served.
  • Offer opportunities for personal and professional development to the team of employees and the Society.


Provide the satisfaction of our partners, offering personalized service, with excellence and agility and focus on customers real needs. Proactively act with Diversity and Inclusion, thus collaborating, for social equality.
  • Create a professional conscience
  • providing world-class services
  • Execute business with the highest level of professional ethics

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