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Is a company registered in Mozambique and South Africa proud to make a difference in the relationship with the institutions at the level of State and Its Clients.
Our pose provides our clients with a leadership position in both labour managing tools and labour policies our services range from consulting and identifying the most effective, practical and reliable solution for specific needs of companies and individuals.
We are equipped with a team of professional consultants with proven competence and experience to advise while guiding in execution of business with the highest level of professional ethics.
We work with responsibility and commitment to Partners and Society. They are geared towards awakening the development of potential and talent in every human being. After diagnosing customer needs, in a systematic way, we seek to develop programs that enable us to meet and fully satisfy their needs, guiding them on how to measure their results. We work to consolidate professional relationships of lasting partnerships between the company and the government institutions, based on competence, trust, agility, service customizations and, above all, mutual respect.
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Team Work

The group is made up of committed and dedicated professionals, having as a goal and objectives to attend in a personalized way with quality, competence and professionalism, aiming agility in the processes, minimizing time and costs, helping clients to focus on their core business.

Our services

To guarantee the satisfaction of our partners, offering personalized service, with excellence and agility and focus on customer real needs. Act proactively with diversity and inclusion, thus collaborating, for social equality.
Selective processes counselling at all hierarchical levels of the organization with quality, agility and assertiveness, respecting the defined profile of the position, organizational and cultural values of the company, so that company needs and expectations of hiring are preserved and met.


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